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January 04, 2006



hey im a hugeee gg fan wow i can remeber the first time i saw the 1st season wow..lol and now watching season 5 is great are there anymore seasons coming???? wow i really want to move to stars hollow its awsome!!!!



I've heard good things about the show, but haven't seen an episode of it yet. I watch very little TV (in terms of ongoing series) ever since I had my 2 kids. I'm afraid that if I start to watch anything, I'll get rapidly sucked in again, and won't be able to turn back.

Angela Giles Klocke

I AM a fan. I can relate to it personally, and I SO want to move to Stars Hallow!


I hope you enjoyed Tuesday's ep :)

It was such a shock (after just finishing the season one DVD) to see how "grown up" Rory looks! Are they making her look too glamorous this season? She looks like a model now!

I'm a bit shaky about the Luke storyline. It feels like it could take a "soap opera" turn, but hopefully, the GG team of writers will make it work...

All the best,

Melanie Lynne Hauser

I'm a huge GG fan - discovered it last year when it hit ABC Family Network and I could watch the reruns every day, and now I'm caught up. You could also check out Television Without Pity - they do a recap of every episode and have some great forums.


Thanks for the note :)

Yes! The Mick-Kirk name-change is very funny! What's wrong with "Mick" anyway? Although I admit I'm fond of "Kirk" after all this time.

From the start of the show, there's an instant chemistry among the cast members. I had forgotten how young Rory appears in the first season and how well Alexis Bledel portrays her without being cutesy.

My main pet-peeves (in season one) are that Christopher, IMHO, doesn't exude enough "bad-boy" charisma or charm as Rory's MIA father. And I find myself annoyed that Rachel, Luke's ex, who has supposedly traveled the world and just come from the airport, doesn't have one crease or nick in her leather jacket! Ah, such nitpicking on my part! :)

All in all, season one is a very strong start.


My husband and I are huge fans of GG, particularly seasons 4&5 (it just gets better and better!). The show has developed a wonderful ensemble cast and stays true to itself. While other shows go for "shock value" etc., GG returns again and again to its core and remembers to include terrific and timely details.


p.s. I love your banner! :)


I completely agree! I don't understand it, but I love Gilmore Girls! I should see if they have the series on Netflix.


My 11 year old daughter got me hooked on Gilmore Girls. Now we have a date every afternoon to watch the syndicated shows. We're somewhere in the 4th season with that, I think. We started somewhere in the 3rd season. So now she and I are saving up for the DVD sets.

I think the appeal is not only the characters quirky strengths and weaknesses, its the way this diffuse and somewhat odd family holds together. They're better, stronger together than apart. That's what families should do, hang together.

I like the way it's a jumping off point for me and my daughter (and sometimes my 14 yo son) to start a discussion about stuff.

I also like that the writing is intelligent, witty and startling. It's just an all around great show.


Hi! I am new to this blog. I have never watched the Gilmore Girls. THe only show I have ever seen on the WB is 7th Heaven. I am a Major LOST and ER fan. I also watch Medium and the O.C.:)


Oh WEST WING!!!!!!! Ironically, I've never seen the "show", only the DVD. We own the first four seasons, I've watched the first three....still jockeying for DVD time with the kids who got - yes, first season of Gilmore Girls (which I watch with her when I get the chance...I really like it), ER, That 70's Show, and other fun things.

Oh, back to WW..my daughter plays the viola and has pretty much figured out how to play the theme...her best friend plays the violin and I've suggested many times that they do the theme together for their spring orchestra concert

Hsien Lei

I own the first season on DVD but haven't had time to watch it yet. Glad to know it wasn't a total waste of money!

My husband and I are totally hooked on West Wing (even in its decline). Even our three-year-old recognizes the theme.

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