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February 13, 2006



I love to read Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson fanfiction, the first time I read the Back-To-Reality stuff I was hooked. Now im even googling for more fanfiction.


I've been reading Back-to-reality the Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson fiction. It is excellent, I have read since the start and love the writing. So much detail and facts about both actors it is hard not to fall into the fiction and believe it's all true!


I've been reading the back - to -reality fanfiction about Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson ever since it was first published in 2004. I diffently recomend it to other Gilmore fans! It's a fantastic story and they also came out with a squeal. I would catogorize it as a " MUST READ "

krista- the silent k

Wow! I found a little piece of heaven on here today! The values of my family are kind of anit-TV but my secret guilty pleasure and indulgence is Gilmore Girls. I love that show madly! I buy them all on DVD. Thanks for the awesome links!!!


Love all these links! And the first two are especially helpful. I think I'm going to do a paper about women in television for my women's studies class.

I also could probably give you some recommendations for stories you MUST read if you're feeling overwhelmed. And so you get to the really good stuff.


I was a devoted fan of the cult hit, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and I always loved how much fans were writing about the show in cyberspace.

And Nancy, Veronica Mars has now filled the void I felt when Buffy ended. Veronica's my new favorite girl!


Yes, I discovered the world of Fan Fiction this summer when I was hunting for something to fill my Veronica Mars void. It's an odd and interesting little literary sub-culture.

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