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February 27, 2006



My daughter and I have been watching gilmore girls for a long time. She rushed out to buy all the series 1 - 5. She just watches them over and over again. We love watching this show togehter. We hope that L & L get married, she about cried last night when she found out that they might not get married. Also she was upset about the fact that Logan was leaveing. I agree all good things have to come to an end. I just hope that L & L get married then We will feel satisfied. Lorelli deserves this.

Melanie Lynne Hauser

Well, they one more season, if just to get Luke back to being the Luke we all loved, instead of this clueless, thoughtless lump who has taken over his character. (Sorry. Now let me tell you what I REALLY think of what they've done to him....)

Angela Giles Klocke

Eeeekk...I'm with you!


I hope the show goes on at least for one more year, although I don't forsee it being possible to make a 10 year run. The show will more than likely hit a place where it will run out of good story lines. It will most likely be harder and harder to come up with different places to take the characters. I think it is good that 7th Heaven is ending. I love the show, but I think the story lines are getting dull and repititive. By the end of Gilmore Girls I would like to see Lorelai married to Luke and at least an engagement of Rory with a good guy for her. I think Jess should return at least for a few episodes and show he is a changed man and win Rory over. Just my thoughts.


Basically I think Amy was p-o'ed at the network for keeping the merger under wraps and for backing out of their deal with her new show. So she was all wishy washy in this interview because of that. (And now she's on my list because of it--sometimes I hate her and sometimes I love her.) I actually do believe that she wants to go past season 7, but I don't think the actors will agree to that (and I can understand why.)

And as much as I love this show, I think season 7 would be a great time to end it, especially if Rory graduates.

ASP hadn't renegotiated her contract with the WB for next season (7) so now with the CW mash-up, I'm sure it's just the same deal. I don't think CW would not take Gilmore Girls. It's like the second highest rated show (besides Smallville) on either the WB and UPN.

Basically I don't think we'll know much of anything official official until CW gets all its stuff in line.

Sorry I can't be more reassuring.

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