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February 05, 2006



it is soap for boys im sure


I gotta know..While you are watching the Gilmore Girls do you yell directions at them and curse them for not doing what you think they should be doing? If so, maybe I should encourage my husband to watch the GG until football season begins again. ; )

Tammy and the Boys <  :3  )~~~~

HA! Too true! I don't do sports but I was that way with Sex and the City and am that way with The Sopranos.

I try very hard not to think ahead so that I don't ruin any surprises for myself but I love to think about what may happen next!


Yip... that is true... :) My friends and I do the same thing but not about the Gilmore Girls... we are all Amazing Race or Survivor fans!


I hear we're getting a two hour dose on Valentine's Day. The Super Bowl of GG, so to speak.


Yeah, but the Gilmore Girls' brand of drama is much more delicious. Football is a juicy burger with fries; GG is moose tracks ice cream with hot fudge, peanuts, and whipped cream on top (and marshmellows, if ya' got 'em), in a huge bowl, and nobody is watching you eat it. Too bad you can't make a trip to the fridge for one more scoop of GG when the episode is over. Longtime lurker -- love you!

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