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March 18, 2006



OMG!! I can't believe I found YOU!! YOU like Gilmore Girls too!! I also got my husband into it, believe it or not!!

Can't believe the finale, what was Lorelai thinking, getting bk w/Christopher!! Not a fan of him but love Luke!

And I didn't realize Jess is Rory's real life boyfriend? And here I thought I was E! I love Jess so much that I decided to watch his new show calls "the Bedford Diaries", it's so so.

And I even wrote about GG in my blog, OMG!!



I used to be a big Gilmore Girls fan but I haven't watched it much lately.

Actually I'm commenting for an entirely off topic reason: I wanted to ask you if you had read The Woman at the Washington Zoo. I'm reading it now and I highly recommend it! I was just scrolling through your reading list and saw that we share some of the same tastes in books, so I thought I'd recommend it to you in case you're looking for something to sink your teeth into. If you haven't heard of it, it's a collection of essays by the late Washington DC journalist Marjorie Williams. What a wonderful writer she was - tragically she died of cancer way too young.


I've never really got into Gilmore Girls. Mostly because its in syndication in my neck and they keep changing time slots.


Thought I'd add the URL for Scott Patterson's move http://www.herbestmove.com/

Brandy Chastain is in this too, it's no bend-it-like-beckham but is getting good buzz.

There you'll find a link to a new company, Summertime Films, that seeks to make family-friendly films. My kids are 18 and 16 but when they were 12-14 it was often difficult to find anything they could watch (either skewed too young or too raunchy).


Last minute negotiations going on. As of Apr 14. No decision yet. CW has trown 5 million at Palladinos. Palladinos have asked for a guaranteed season 8. Interesting, because the have no actors signed that far and Kim (Alexis) Bledel and Lauren Graham have been adamant about leaving. Kim (aka Rory) wants to be with her real life boyfriend of 4 years (Milo Ventimiglia--Jess on Gilmore) and gointo producing. She was a screenwriting student at NYU when hired on GG. Lauren's at the critical time in age-ist Hollywood -- she's 39. She also wants to find someone and be a mom. She's currently filming the sequel to Bruce ALmighty-- Evan Almighty -- with Steve Carrell, starring as his wife. Scott Patterson (Luke) has a very cute new kid-friendly movie coming out this year (Her Best Move) about teen girl soccer (he plays a phenom's coach/dad). He's also producing a movie about abused women in Pakistan.


The Palladinos have quit. See the ausiello report for April 12 at tvguide.com


Next season, the 'A' storyline is Lorelai and Christopher. THe actor who plays Christopher is contracted for 13 episodes. The actor who plays Luke has signed for next season and so you can pretty much guess what the plotline is. (Ho hum.)


Oops, that was 6.21 for the Driving Miss Gilmore Episode.

May 9 is season finale. Title is "Partings".
The theme is parting. Lorelai and Luke break up. Logan graduates and gets sent to London (or does he?) And the big thing that's in all the media right now is that the town troubadour gets discovered by Neil Young. So all these troubadour wannabes converge on the town. Mary Jo Rajskub (Chloe on '24') is one of them. SHe's written a song especially for this, '89 Volvo. It is a reference to Christopher and driving a Volvo.
Other music is provided by various indie bands. Sonic Youth will do "What a Waste", which is a double entendre for the demise of Luke and Lorelai after six years.


The title for 6.20 May 2 is "Driving Miss Gilmore". Lorelai must drive Emily around all day because EMily's had eye surgery and Richard's out of town. Emily shows Lorelai and Luke a house she wants to buy them and Lorelai breaks down and says the wedding isn't happening. Lots of crying.


Logan slept with his sister's friends who were also her bridesmaids. Then he left Rory alone with them and they told her about their exploits before they realized who she was. WHen she confronted him, Logan then called the women "vipers" and dissed them.

If anyone wants to see the final scene of this season, go http://www.angelfire.com/tv2/gen/miriam.pdf . It will make you ill if you are a Luke/Lorelai fan. Also as a mom, to put such a scene in front of a little girl like Gigi, not good.


wait... i missed Bridesmaid revisited... what did logan do when he wasnt with rory??


No it's APril 4 and 11. But it's all going to hell anyway. Lorelai breaks up with Luke in cliffhanger and the A storyline next season is Lorelai, Christopher and his spawn.
What a way to ruin a once-great show. And the cap to it all? Rory and Logan elope in the cliffhanger.


So wait...May 4 and 11 are Thursdays. Are they moving GG to Thursday for the last two episodes of the season? That's...odd


They were on a break!!!

I heart Logan.


I'm super excited about "Super Cool Party People"--I've slightly spoiled myself for that one. Although not so excited about the cliffhanger over the summer.


Wow-good info. I really hate to see the news that Rory and Logan are attempting to make amends. Rory should not be putting up with what Logan did. Can't wait for the next few episodes-it seems like a long time away.

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