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August 09, 2006



Hope you're still healing well and hope to hear more from you, soon.


I'm glad you're on the mend.

Enjoy the school season.



Hey - I was out of town when you wrote this entry and am settling into a fall routine. And here you are, on the road to recovery and bringing US stuff-GG links! You rock. I'm so glad to hear that this difficult time has tightened the bond your wonderful family already had.


I will continue to visit enjoyed the reading thanks


Hey Julie - Really glad to hear you are on the mend; your spirits seem peaceful and high. What a wonderful family you have. My best to you -- keep strong and rest well --

Hsien Lei

You must be feeling better if you're posting about the Gilmore Girls! ;) I'm glad you're surrounded by wonderful people and love. Hope you feel 200% soon.


Hi Julie!

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Great to see you back and getting better!


Welcome back! I'm glad to hear the recovery is coming along okay. I'm sure Colter is loving being back in school and having that structure. Now that we're living here in Florida, both of my kids are loving being in their schools because of the structure, even if they're both in brand new places. I'll keep the prayers coming your way.

On a tv note, I have to agree with Nancy about "Veronica Mars." It's a delight.

Jill Urbane, The Mentor Mom

Great to have you back! Best wishes on a quick and painless recovery :)

Robin P

Hi Julie,
It's good to "hear" you again.
Wow! This has been quite a time for all of you but you are a strong family and this situation really proved that.

I am sure Colter is relieved to be back in his routine. Kids really need that. After my ordeal in November,Lillianna was so happy to return to "normal."

Good luck getting your stitches out. A three hour drive? Yikes. That would just about kill me!
I hope you're staying overnight!


I am SO glad that you're up and at 'em and things are on an up swing. I had lots of faith that things would be just fine, but it's good to finally get that confirmation.
Congrats on Colter starting school. Best wishes on continuing a speedy recovery!!

Mary Tsao

Good news!

Thanks for posting a health update.


Julie, I'm glad that you posted an update and that you're doing well. Congrats to Colter on starting a new school year, and much admiration to Gary and you for the strength you've both shown. Looking forward to the next update, and thinking of you as always.


It's so nice to hear that you're feeling better each day.

Keep your spirits up!


so glad to see you back and feeling better. take care, and take things slowly!


best wishes to you for a speedy and full recovery. major abdominal surgery? ouch.

I hope they've got your liver all cleaned up and ready for a good, long life.

Anne-Marie, A Readable Feast

I take some time off reading and find out you're very sick. I'm so glad to hear that you are recovering and on the mend. Take care.

Tammy and the Boys <  :3  )~~~~

I'm so glad you are recovering so well! Slow recovery is just fine and long as recovery is happening! I'm also proud of your family for being so supportive. It's the way it should be but in this day and age it's surprising how little it happens.

Keep up the great recovery and I know we will all be waiting to read about your clean bill of health - no matter how long it takes! (You're worth the wait!)

Love ya in Cali,
Tammy and the Boys


It's wonderful to hear that you're on your way back to yourself!

As a Veronica Mars fan I must put in a little plug, I promise to watch Gilmore Girls, which I've never seen if all you GG fans stay tuned in for Veronica after;)

Adam Brooks

Glad to hear that you're well on the road to recovery!

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