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September 27, 2006



I was taking morphine for a while for my back. The brand was Kadian and it was very easy for me to come off of it even though I'd been taking it for three years. Before the Kadian I was taking Oxycontin. I have no idea why I didn't show any signs of withdrawal, thank God. I didn't even get a headache.

I hope you don't have a hard time of it. I understand the fear... I was terrified that I'd become addicted and I just really wanted to get off of it, but that fear kept me on it for a while. If you taper it down (like you mentioned) I bet you won't have too much trouble. I'll keep you in my prayers!


I get very grouchy when the pain acts up after the painkillers wear off. Pain is not concucive to good moods in this house. Thankfully I now have more days where the painkillers work really well than days where they wear off early.
I hope you get to that point soon.

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