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October 16, 2006



As the parent of a seven-year-old, that time is coming far to quickly for me. This post nearly has me in tears because of what I have to look "forward" to. Thanks for sharing.


Wise choices all around.

On to the next phase!


congratulations on a job well done mom!
i can't get used to damien going out without me... and he's nearly 16!


I can't tell you the "why" of it, but it was MUCH harder to let go of my son that it has been to start letting go of my daughter. He's now 19 and she's 17 and it's still much harder with him. can't tell ya why... just something in the eyes when he looks at me makes me want to protect him, while my daughter appears to be independent and is much more confident facing the world on her own. My son wouldn't ever even go to a door on his own when they would trick-or-treat, if that tells you anything!!



Is that even the right thing to say? Thanks for making me glad my son is still so young - I'm definitely not ready to let go!


wow. I'm so glad he had a wonderful time, and yikes on the growing up fast.

Right now my kids are teetering on the edge of independance, and it's so hard to let them do things alone that are safe.

So much of parenting is such a fine balance of needs - congrats for getting it right!


"Someone's growing up, and I'm pretty sure it's me."

isn't that the heart-thumping beauty of it?

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