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January 06, 2008



I do hope you're doing well. I thought of you today and wanted to reach out. Please update this page and let us all know how you're doing. All my best to you and your family on this upcoming Mother's Day.


Starbucks Mom and Her Buck-A-Roos

Hi Julie, Do hope you feel well. I loved your post about 'not the Starbucks mom.' In light of my blog, I had to laugh. Too funny and hey, I'm with you even if I am a Starbucks Mom. ;)

Beth Macy

Dear Julie: I hope this finds you recuperating and resting and the recipient of all good things. (Like homemade bread from a neighbor - wish I could bring you some myself.)

Take care; I'm thinking of you.
Beth Macy


i do hope all goes well and you'll be home and recovering soon!

My mother recently had cancer in her liver. We were quite scared until the doctors found out it was just breast cancer that migrated to the liver--something much more treatable. It was probably a real scare for you until you knew they were benign. I hope you recover quickly.

Tammy and the Boys <  :3  )~~~~

I'm so sorry that you have to have more surgery. My thoughts will be with you and I hope you get home sooner than later.

Best wishes to you and your family.


I was thrilled to see a new entry notice next to your blog in my list this morning - just wish you didn't need to have more surgery. Be well and know there are some of us out here thinking of you


I hope it all goes well. Shall be thinking of you.


here's hoping all goes well and you recover completely as quickly as humanly possible.

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