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November 29, 2006

Contact us

Reading Moms is a group weblog that says volumes about who we are as parents and people. If you have a general comment, question or concern and want to get in touch with us, please contact founder and editor Julie Moos.

Authors and Publicists
If you have a book you want us to read and write about, please send an e-mail with the title, subject matter, publication date, and the author's e-mail address and interview availability. If one of the Reading Moms is interested, we'll follow up and provide a mailing address for the advance copy. Please allow up to four weeks between the time of shipping and the time we publish material about the book.

Are you a Reading Mom?
We are currently seeking contributors, so if you're a mom who wants to write about books for this weblog, please submit a short biography about your life as a reader. If you are particularly interested in certain types of books, please note that. Our goal is to cover a wide range of fiction and nonfiction, from a mother's perspective. That could mean you bring a general sensibility to the group or it could mean you bring a particular niche focus. Either is fine. In addition to the bio, I also request a sample post of about 200-300 words, which is the desired length of each item (excluding author interviews).

Each mom is expected to write short, original material for the blog once or twice a month; items cannot appear first anywhere else. You can write about anything related to life as a reader, there are no assigned topics. Items are submitted via TypePad (with an e-mail alert when the post is ready). I edit all posts, offer feedback, and publish.

If you are interested in contributing smart, fun writing focused on reading, send your bio and sample post to jmoos@poynter.org. It may take several months to review and respond to queries, so please be patient. Meanwhile, keep reading!


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