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November 27, 2006


Cynthia W.

I hear you, but I want both, myself. I can't find anyone to start a mother-daughter book club with in my little corner of Los Angeles, although I know the women must be out there!


oh, I totally agree!

I read a wonderful book this past year about a book club (sorry memory problems, I can't remember the title), and that was the kind I wanted to join, but none are actually like that!

Can't wait to trade book ideas with you!


I hate book clubs too! And I even run them! I'm a school librarian, and the middle school kids (well, one middle school kid) BEGGED for a book club. So I run one. And they seem to like it okay. But the only one I've really enjoyed was an online one, where I could participate at my own pace and say whatever I wanted!

Nancy Martin

Ellen, I am sooooo with you! My favorite book club experience was the one where we went out for big, carbo breakfasts together and drank mimosas!

My own publisher has asked me to put together some "book club questions" to go at the back of my next paperback. I want to ask, "Did you like the sex??" "Do you feel like slapping the sister???" And of course: "What's your recipe for the meal that best seduces your husband?"

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