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December 12, 2006



Hi Rachel-

First time here. Good article. I bought my 4 yr old a bunch of Roald Dahl's after hours of researching for chapter books - The Magic Finger, Matilda, James and the giant peach, Dirty beasts etc... I should confess I was highly disappointed with the content in some of them...I had to constantly edit/skip pages while reading the books...I browsed through The Magic finger first before making a decision whether or not to read to my 4 yr old..certainly a nightmare with content I would never feel comfortable reading to my her anytime...Matilda can pass because of her love for books, which is nice. But I can totally relate to the parents leaving alone part. My jaw dropped reading some of it...Dirty beast was even worse - gross! This Dahl guy was weird, I think, and wonder if he had serious problems during his childhood or something...

Thanks for bringing the issue to light! I regret buying Dahl's books to be honest!


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