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January 05, 2007


Cynthia W.

I find comfort in stories of complex marriages, since what we see of marriage in most of the rest of the media is drastically simplified and/or cartoonish.

Mary Balfanz

My son and I recently read "Charlotte's Web" It brought back memories of my late father reading to me as a child.

Jason Alter

I love reading books as well. Recently, I made the leap to author and self published a children’s book (www.johnfastramp.com) based on bedtime stories I used to tell my children. I am hoping to introduce other children to these stories. The kids in our local community love the story. Any ideas on how I can introduce moms and dads to this book for their kids?

Mary Kay Madden

As a middle-aged English prof, it brings me comfort to know that young marrieds like you still read voraciously and passionately--even with all of your many responsibilities and distractions. What an inspiration!

Kathleen Kammer Hake

After I had my son in September, I wondered if I would ever have the time and energy to read again. On our first outing when Brady was 6 weeks old we went to the local bookstore where I bought a copy of If You Lived Here, I'd Know Your Name by Heather Lende. What a perfect find! Each chapter was an essay about life in Alaska. I could read a chapter and be fully immersed for those precious 15 minutes. And Lende's take on life, child-raising, death, etc really made a difference to me.


I love this. Books continually comfort and surprise me too. Finding a new recipe, imagining a lovely view, the melody of well chosen words, a sudden deep insight into the heart. All these are comforting and often surprising.

Mary Nesper

This is such a wonderful insight to share. So often, books are seen as a source of escape, as a way to visit new places or shadow other lives. But it's equally as important to think about the ways books can better ground us in the present and remind us to appreciate the narrative we author every day.

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