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June 22, 2004



I'm in it for tha adoration too!! Lay at my feet and worship me!!!! heh! Welcome to the world of blogs!!


Welcome to the blog world, Gary!!!! I will definitely be checking in to see what you have to say. You are a wonderful writer.
What do I get out of blogging? Well, although I have always liked to write I never thought of myself as a "writer". But a person who writes IS a writer, right? When I had the opportunity to submit something to Julie for DotMoms I was torn. Just because I THINK I can write doesn't mean other people will think I am a WRITER. Luckily Julie liked what I had to say and that's how I became a DotMom! I couldn't help but notice almost all the moms had their own blogs.I began reading them. Some were funny and they were just about every day things. Two weeks ago I started my OWN blog. It keeps me writing on a daily basis. Some of the topics are about things that make me mad or just general rantings of a stressed out mom. If people read my blog and comment on it, GREAT. If not, that's fine too. I write for myself. Some of my thoughts aren't appropriate for DotMoms only because they have nothing to do with anything Mom-like. I sounded off about "flexitarians" the other day. They are vegetarians who EAT MEAT! I thought those were omnivores but what do I know?
So the pleasure I get from blogging is that it makes me write and I love writing! I also print out each post and put it in a book so Lillianna will have it in years to come. I may not be published but damn it, I AM A WRITER!
I'd say good luck but you don't need it!


Congrats on your first post. I'll be looking forward to reading you. :)

I blog because I like having people respond to the different things going on in my life. It's so nice when people congratulate you or sympathize with you especially when they really don't know you in real life at all! :)


Welcome to the 'sphere. Nice having you here.

I blog to notice and appreciate. I blog to grab a little piece of a day, polish it up a little, admire it, show it to my friends, save it. I'm a moment collector, maybe.


Welcome, welcome! I Blog for instant gratification. I write, I post, they read, they comment. Makes me feel good. And I like to entertain, and I like to move people with my words (hence why I am more serious at DotMoms than my own Blog, giving me opportunity to flex both my serious and humorous muscles). Blogging also gives me "someone" to talk to, to rant to, to stand on my head for. I like it :D


Hey! You sent that response to me! Welcome to the blogiverse...the navel gazing capitol of the world. May your words flow from your fingertips with continued ease and beauty. I'll be back!


I have to agree, though I don't get too many people reading my blog I love the comments they leave. I love to feel appreciated!


blogging allows me to practice writing stories - doing drafts, revisions, then posting and getting feedback. I get to see what sort of stories generate the most comments or very passionate comments. But mostly, I blog because I get to mine these places inside of me, share them with other people. Writing and posting allows me to release something and then something fills me that feels true and good and Who I Am. I love it. And don't forget, when blogging - it really is all about you and what you want your blog to be about. It's not as if we have deadlines or editors or get paid to produce. There are no boundaries! :)


Welcome Gary... I predict that you'll be posting up at Julie's level before long.

As for me... this is why I blog


Welcome! I blog for an outlet, smeplace where I can write what I am thinking, but sometimes can't actually say. I am a gay woman, who, at work, has to be the "straight" member of the management team - that's right - in the closet. I have been here for 14 years, and while I am "out" to many friends here at work, to some I still have to be Deb, the single Mom of 2 kids. Sad world we live in huh? Anyhoo...welcome aboard!


Always great to have a new view of the world! Thanks for yours. I don't blog as much as I used to but it is still great to see new people and hear new things. Hope you keep with it!


I find blogging gives me some perspective on my life. I also enjoy the relationships that devolop as a result. Best of luck to you!


I've been journaling for 20 years, and have kept most of it to myself. I needed an outlet, to share something outside of my "Stay At Home Mom" status. Blogging helps me create a circle of friends who are honest, who also share a love of writing, and share wisdom from all across the world.

Sharing and reading blogs has helped me to realize that some of the fears, trials and tribulations I have are not unique to me. Many parents share the same concerns.

Oh, and yes, I love the comments as well.

PPP Chronicles

I blog, you blog we all make time to blog blog. I would have to say that the reason I blog is:

#1.I don't generally like people that talk *laugh*. I don't enjoy phone conversations, my adult family gets on my nerves *laughs again*. I've discovered that, generally, the more people (that you can touch, talk to, KNOW you) you know, the more horsepoop you have to deal with and I'm not into that. Pretty negative huh?

#2.Then there is the part of me (Mommy part) that likes to brag about my kids, family, hubby -- the important things in life and get feedback from other parents.

Blogging along, I get a great idea! "Sex Education" Since I am new to blogging too, I print out each post individually and I'm collecting my blogs in a large 3 ring note book. I plan on blogging daily and printing daily to keep up with it and when my children hit 16, getting a hard copy published to give to them. This way, after reading the book, they will discover that as fun as parenting is, it isn't always easy. Hopefully, this will detour them from making poor choices like not using a condom before they want the adventures of parenting.

So you see, blogging for me is a relationship that allows me to grow and share, without having the daily stress of an adult relationship.

~~April from PPP Chronicles

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