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August 30, 2004



Don't worry Gary, those of us that know you never did believe half of what you said. Keep up the great work.



So no link to the column? You need to pimp your wife! And I mean that in the most asexual way of course!


I am not going anywhere, so you are stuck with me. Sorry for you (checking to see if they make a Hallmark for that)


If this was your way of trying to chase off readers, you'll have to try harder :D

Rachel Ann

Well, you can make that (whatever the count is up to) plus
one more. I like the way your fingers hit those keys!

Robin P

Oh crap.....am I the only one who is confused, as usual?
What does all this mean? What has to change and why?
You and Julie have totally different styles of writing. Even though you both occasionally write about the same thing (buying the house)it's still from 2 very different perspectives. I don't read Julie's post and then head over here, see it's the same subject and say, "Already read it buddy, sorry" and go elsewhere. Your styles of writing are very different. So please explain to me what has to change cuz I am very confused!!


I am confused also and not going anywhere also. BTW which is Julie's blog?


Okay, I have to voice my very strong disagreement with Julie's opinion here, AND you're easy acquiescence. From what I've read to date, you're voice is one of gentle reason, sometimes tinged with suppressed anger or disbelief at the inequities, injustice, and plain cruelty that runs so rampant in our world, touched with an almost ivory-tower introspection. For one thing, your spouse shouldn't ask you to change your voice or subject matter simply because she does similar work at a different blog location. Hello? It's your family as well, and you have passions and opinions and a great deal of love to express on these subjects. She pointed you in this direction to begin with. Second, you can't just change your voice and become "gonzo." It's like asking Walter Cronkite to emcee the MTV Awards, or telling Carl Sagan to host the Gong Show. Third, I would never confuse your identity with anyone's; your lovely, and talented wife has nothing to fear. The fact that you are both writers is very cool. She doesn't have the right to ask you to stop, and you are doing yourself, and your son (who will someday read his parents' thoughts and have an invaluable tool for coping with the adult world) a disservice by not sharing a talent and a passion for writing about these subjects. I feel very strongly about this. I'll understand completely if you axe this comment, but I wouldn't be true to my own nature if I didn't say it. I would like to blog this, but I will have the grace to leave it be. Let me just say it once more though: don't stop.


No, no, no... This smacks of censorship, whether self-imposed for appeasement or for other reasons that can’t be read between the lines. I love reading both of you… as you are. I once referred to Julie as my One-A-Day, but if all I had was a One-A-Day then I would be sorely under nourished. If you change the feel of your blog for any other reason than because you expressly want to, will it not just cause tension in another form and come back to bite you in the a$$ when you least expect it?

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