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June 29, 2005



I am kind of new to this site and I THINK Colter is your son?? But you mentioned leash and then I thought maybe your puppy dog. I am still going with son after the piano comment.

I was "taught" how to train our dog right before we bought him. Lots of "play with his food while he eats so he doesn't become protective over it" and "walk through your dog if he's in the middle of the hall to show he's standing in a pathway. Even everything you mentioned here was told to us by the "trainer."

I tried walking through my daughter if she was standing in the middle of the hall, but she just bounced off both walls like a rbber ball, screaming all the way down. So I couldn't handle doing that again.

I do have rules in the house and things will be harder when the baby is born, but I am SO determined to make this work so we can have a peaceful living arrangement.

My dad always told me "teach the kids the rules and be strict with discipline ALL before the age of three. If you start later than that, it will be 10 times harder to get the desired result." I agree with that, as well.


When my mom tells my big brother what to do and he don't listen, she steps on him with her feet, and then he does whatever she says, which is good, because she has big feet, and they hurt as I know!

I'm sure you are doing a great job with your son, Gary. He does not need any dog training.

I hope you have a great Fourth of July!

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Im a big fan of the show. I wonder he has some sort of magic connection with dogs.

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