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June 28, 2005



Uh...I don't know. Not very much. I haven't bought jeans in a long time...

Like the new look!


I used to say $10 at Walmart. Now that I have discovered a brand of jeans that fits my figure PERFECTLY, I saw $30-40. I would rather spend the money on a pair of great quality denim that fits comfortable than on 3 pairs of questionable quality jeans that, realistically, last me about 3 months.


If I had the money, I would LIVE in Seven, Paper, True Religion, and other designer jeans. They just fit so perfectly well and look great on one's ass... but I don't do the pre-torn, pre-patched jeans because I can wear them in just fine myself.

I have a pair of Sevens that I got on eBay (almost new) for only $50. and I wear them so often that I can't believe they haven't revolted and sent themselves to the laundrette yet. When they're in the wash, I wear my favorite cheap pair of Paris Blues that I got at factory2U for the grand price of $14.99.


I just bought a new pair of Wrangler Rustlers at Wally World for $10.97. I once saw a pair of intricately embroidered shorts in Italy for around $1000. they were designed by Roberto Cavalli----so what, it's just a pair of shorts


Last year I sent Rich to get 3 pair of new jeans for himself. He spent almost $100 at THE GAP. After I choked and sputtered, I told him to find the receipt. We were going to Wal-Mart!! I bought 5 pair of jeans for $55!!!! He couldn't believe the difference.


I work in jeans everyday and I don't every give them mercy, I'm hard one them with construction work. when I'm finished with they have the "Natural worn look". So I buy good quality jeans that work for me and that is Carhartt. right now they are kind of trendy but top dollar they cost me $27.00 tops. If some one is willing to 242 bucks for patched and worn jeans I have a deal for them. I have a large supply of worn jeans that will go on sale for $121 and the is 50% off. To boot you tell me where you want the patch at and I will even pick up the shipping. Now this is deal if your daddy has way to much money and it rids me a a bunch of jeans that will be turned into rags.
Don't delay there is only a limited number left.

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