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July 30, 2005




Good luck!

Robin P

You know, the more I think about diets, the more I want to do the same that you are doing. The problem is I definitely have a problem with carbs. I get jittery and feel like I am going to pass out if I don't have enough protein. I think I will cut down on my fats and stuff too. I love fish and chicken and I can eat low carb pasta so maybe I will try it for a month and see how I do.
Thanks for that good common sense idea.
Good luck!


Excercise is key - I'm told by my Physical Therapist that the quickest way to loose weight is to combine weight training with aerobic excercise. I found this to be true - you just have to stick to it...
BTW Hummus makes an outstanding condiment.



My biggest weight loss happened during my first pregnancy (30 pounds) and it appears it is happening again with this pregnancy. I walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes each day and I am forcing myself to eat on a schedule (8AM, 10AM snack, Noon, 3PM snack, 6PM, and 9PM snack). My snacks are morning fruit, afternoon chips, evening 1/2 PB&J. Of course, my diet is forced due to gestational diabetes. However, this time I am planning on sticking with it unlike last time when I craved ice cream and brownies. Still sounds good, but I have grown up a tad since then.


Good luck! I try to cut down on sweets and other "bad" stuff, but after a week, I find those things creeping back into my diet. ARGH.

Your changes section on the side bar is very interesting, and dare I say, amusing too!


Smaller portions. That has really helped us.

Exercise. Find something you really enjoy. Biking outside, a group exercise class, an MP3 player full of good tunes.

Eliminate the lesser temptations, but let yourself have some of what you really like.

Good luck - it's hard, but so well worth it.


Okay, so I'm 2 months late with commenting, but... try a 'cutoff time'. Oprah swears by it and I find it to work for me too. Say, no more food after 7:30 PM. Something like that. And that's it. I'm a college student, who's constantly in front of the computer and wanting to munch, so that simple rule helps keep me from mindless night eating.

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