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September 07, 2005



I saw a guy from New Orleans on the news last night...

I'll try to quote him correctly:
"God doesn't come when you want him, but he's always there on time."

God be with the good people of the gulf coast.


Robin P

I struggle with this question too.
I was driving home the other day and remembered that
G-d promised Noah he wouldn't flood the Earth ever again and I thought,"Hey,you lied!" Then I thought,maybe he meant he wouldn't flood the ENTIRE Earth. Details...details.....details.

I think this whole hurricane thing sucks. All those lost lives.....the rape of innocent people trying to find shelter.....dead bodies rotting in the streets....people near death who are put in the morgue to die and they aren't even dead yet!!.....it shouldn't have happened like this.


Perhaps he's sending a message. I know what you mean though. It
is hard to fathom such suffering.


You're right about the free will. God gave us all choices and they are ours to make. He doesn't interfere with our choices. I think, if you look, there are a lot of miracles in this as well. There is a lot of heartache too, but I never doubt that there is a God! He has worked miracles in my life and I bet you would find a lot of people in New Orleans, Mississippi, and Alabama that feel the same way.

I believe everyone has the right to their opinion, but as I said before I will never doubt that there is a God or that there is a reason and a plan for everything and that nothing happens by accident.


In essence I agree with you, but I agree with Angie too.God is not that far away, if you believe in him.All you have to do, is reach out,and put your hand into that nail-scarred hand, in faith beieving that God knows what he is doing.What looks like a terrible tragedy to us, might be God's way of taking those he loves out of the way of an even worse situation. We don't know. Our ways are not God's ways.Perhaps, after all is said and done, rather than blaming God, he has pointed out to us that we are not ready for the trials and tribulations to come,and by so dramaticly bringing our attention to it, he is saying, " Get ready!" Death, and even suffering is not the worst thing that can happen to us, as a nation. The worst thing is to lose faith,and thereby, lose our way to the kingdom of heaven.God loves us, and he will do anything he can, to bring us to himself.

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